Monday 22 January 2018

Launch of festive flavoured crisps


DUSTIN THE Turkey ' hijacked' the Keogh's Farm launch of their Roast Turkey and Secret Stuffing Hand Cooked Potato Crisp in Stephens Green in protest over his feathered friends.

The innovative farmers from North County Dublin were joined by Christmas helper Elisha Stanley, aged seven, when festive fowl Dustin hijacked the launch with his protest, reminding everyone that the Turkey is "yer only man" and that we need to save the turkey this Christmas. ' The Turkey really is yer only man and Christmas is a rotten time of the year for me and me feathered mates. Fair play to Keogh's Farm with their new Roast Turkey and Secret Stuffing hand cooked crisps but if they hurt any of me mates I might have to knock the stuffin' outta them,' the turkey said. 'We are delighted with the initial response to the Roast Turkey and Secret Stuffing crisp we have developed and cooked on the farm from the potatoes we grow. We have been working on the taste for the past 6 months and believe the secret stuffing adds the perfect mix of herbs and spices to the turkey flavour,' said Tom Keogh of Keogh's Farm. ' The secret stuffing recipe is one my mother has been using for years, it has been handed down through the generations and we grow all of the herbs ourselves in our farmhouse garden, which has been growing ingredients since the 1920s.' Keogh's Farm are the only onfarm producers of hand cooked Irish potato crisps in Ireland and the only potato growers in the world who offer fresh potatoes and potato crisps from the same farm side by side in stores both around the country and around the world, having recently secured space in American gourmet chain Dean & DeLuca.

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