Wednesday 17 January 2018

Jumping the gun to make decision now says McDonagh

A LABOUR councillor accused council colleagues from Sinn Féin and Fianna Fáil of 'grandstanding' and 'jumping the gun' in proposing to make a full 15% cut in the property tax without knowing all the facts.

In a compromise motion on the issue Cllr Brian McDonagh (Lab) proposed the council 'discuss and set a local adjustment factor target for 2015 to reduce the property tax by up to 15%'.

But his motion called for a number of processes to happen before that decision was made, including the completion of the public consultation process on the issue, and following the procedure set down after that, taking the decision at a special September meeting and notifying the Department of the Environment and Revenue of the council's decision after that.

He said that while he had a 'lot of sympathy' for the arguments being made in favour of cutting the tax by the full 15%, he said a decision now was 'jumping the gun' and amounted to political 'grandstanding'.

'I'd like to be able to say to people that I looked at our income and expenditure and the implications on that and then decided we could reduce the tax,' he said.

Cllr McDonagh said the suggested way forward was 'rational' as opposed to 'blindly' making a decision for political reasons.

Fingal Independent

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