Thursday 25 April 2019

John Wolfe, Senior Solidarity Party

Why should people vote for you? We are a new party and carry no political baggage. We are starting here in Fingal and for this election our main focus is the elderly who built Ireland and are now cast aside feeling alone and unwanted.

When I am elected, we will be rolling out nationwide to address the needs of every citizen. I am astounded at the reception at the reaction I am receiving from young people who want to vote for me because I represent their parents.

We will bring truth, honesty and transparency to what has been shown to be a disgrace in our Dáil, where all parties are only interested in point-scoring at the expense of the citizens of our country. What change will you bring to the ward?

I will endeavor to bring quality of life back to our senior citizens and we will work tirelessly to reduce unemployment by building on the great skills in Fingal. Our people want and need work not dole queues and poverty. What main issue are you facing at the doorsteps?

The anger at the current Government is beyond words. People are living in fear at losing everything they have ever worked for because our Government is incompetent and what is even worse, they believe that the opposition are going to be the same if not worse.