Friday 18 January 2019

Jail term for woman who had 'slip up'

Nicola Donnelly

A heroin addict who went on a thieving spree over a two day period and stole over €2,000 worth of laptops from neighbouring estates has been sentenced to three months in prison.

Amela Danovic (29), through her solicitor, claimed she had 'slip up' after completing a drugs rehabilitation course but has been drugs-free for a total of six months.

Swords District Court heard the defendant, who has 23 previous convictions including 15 for thefts, was on a ten month suspended sentence at the time of committing these thefts.

The defendant, of Boroimhe Maples in Swords, pleaded guilty to the theft of an Apple Mac Pro worth €1,500 and a pair of Raybans sunglasses worth €150 from a house in Boroimhe Beech on dates between April 28 and April 29.

She further pleaded guilty to the theft of two Microsoft laptops worth €450 from a house in Boroimhe Alder in Swords on the same dates and admitted stealing €5 in cash from a house in Boroimhe Ashe on the same dates.

Swords District Court heard the Apple Mac Pro and sunglasses were not recovered but the two Microsoft laptops were recovered.

The defendant, who has two children, had linked in with Ashley House Residential where she completed a residential course.

'She had a slip up and she is not long out of residential treatment,' said defence solicitor Fiona D'Arcy.

'She has been drug-free for six months and had been doing well but she had a blip.'

Ms D'Arcy told Judge Gerry Jones the defendant has plans to link in with various counsellors and asked for the case to be put back for a Probation Report.

However, Judge Jones refused to adjourn the case for the report and sentenced the defendant to three months in prison.

'She committed these offences while on a suspended sentence,' Judge Jones noted.

'She got her chance and I don't accept she had a blip. She stole items worth €1,500 and €450 and I am not suspending any part of her sentence.'

Fingal Independent