Sunday 25 February 2018

History-making students settle in to new home

John Manning

STUDENTS at Lusk's first ever secondary school have been getting used to their brand new surroundings as the history-making school began its first week.

Patricia Atkins is at the helm of the new school as its principal and she has had a busy week, welcoming the 104 new students the school will cater for in its first year.

'We are coming to grips with the day-to-day reality of school life now and the students are finding their way around the building and coping well with their new surroundings and having lockers for the first time and reading their timetables,' Ms Atkins told the Fingal Independent.

In its first week of classes, the Lusk Community College principal said that the school's new students have been 'doing great and finding new friends' and enjoying the state-of-the-art facilities offered by the new school.

Among the innovations of this forward thinking school is the 'digital school bag' which will mean that all the students will carry iPads and do much of their work interactively, using the machines.

The iPads have all been passed out now and the school is up and running with its outdoor facilities getting plenty of use in this extended summer weather.

'It has all been very positive so far,' the school principal said as she looked back on the school's first week and looked forward to a bright future for this new fixture on the educational map in Lusk.

Some 104 first years will have the school to themselves this year but will be joined year on year by a new student intake that will swell the school population.

It can already cope with 350 students but when phase two of the project is on stream, the school will eventually accommodate 1,000 students.

The principal and the school's 15 staff are determined to delver a 'fully-rounded' education to the students of Lusk Community College by providing a whole host of activities outside of the excellent academic education it will offer.

It is a new era for education in Lusk and it will thankfully finally bring to an end scenes that saw Lusk primary school children forced to leave the town for Skerries or Balbriggan to seek a secondary education.

Fingal Independent

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