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Harry Boland wounded in Skerries hotel

August; MR.Harry Boland, T.D. died on Tuesday night last at 9 o'clock in St.Vincents Hospital, Dublin from injuries sustained following a shooting on Monday at the Grand Hotel in Skerries.

August; MR.Harry Boland, T.D. died on Tuesday night last at 9 o'clock in St.Vincents Hospital, Dublin from injuries sustained following a shooting on Monday at the Grand Hotel in Skerries.

One of Valera's prominent anti-Treaty supporters, Boland had checked in to the Grand Hotel on the Sunday evening. Although out of the limelight for some time past, Boland's presence in Skerries did attract attention and on the foot of information received, a party of National Troops, it would appear, set out from Balbriggan in the early hours of Monday morning, went to the Grand Hoel and proceeded to arrest Mr.Boland who struggled and in attempting to possess himself with one of his captors' guns and was shot in the struggle.

In an interview with one of the troops our reporter gleaned the following details:

'Mr.Boland was wanted and we went to the hotel and two or three of us entered his room. He was in bed. We wakened him and he got up out of bed and partly dressed himself. He had no gun.

Suddenly he turned and rushed to tackle one of our fellows for his gun. A shot was fired over his head to desist bu he continued to struggle and almost had the gun when a second shot was fired and Mr.Boland was wounded.'

The bullet, we are informed, entered his right side about the ribs, passed through his body and came out through his left side causing very serious injuries. Medical and spiritual aid were called for and the T.D. was brought to a Dublin hospital.


The following official bulletin was issued by G.H.Q., Irish Army on last Monday:

'Early this morning a small party of troops entered the Grand Hotel to place Mr.H.Boland T.D., under arrest. Mr.Boland had been actively engaged in the irregular campaign. When accosted in his bedroom he made an unsuccessful attempt to seize a gun from one of the troops and then rushed out to the door. After firing two shots at random and calling on Mr.Boland to halt, it was found necessary to fire a third shot to prevent an escape.

Mr.Boland was wounded and removed to hospital. A man giving his name as John J.Murphy with residence at 3 Castlewod Avenue, Ranelagh, who was found with Mr.Boland, was taken prisoner. Subsequently he was identified as Joseph Griffin, an active irregular, belonging to Dublin.'


AUGUST: On Friday last a most peculiar accident occurred at Balbriggan when a National Forces member, stationed at Balbriggan Coastguard, sustained serious head and facial injuries.

An armoured car with a full crew of troops was passing under a low arch of the railway bridge a few yards from the station and Adj. G.J.Hughes, who was standing in the back of the car, forgot to lower his head and it was struck by the crown of the arch. He suffered severe skull injuries. Dr.Fulham was quickly on the scene to administer aid.


JULY: A train was derailed in the vicinity of Malahide, a number of lines having been torn up.

Meanwhile a respectable dresser stranger was arrested at the Bridge in Balbriggan and brought to the Coastguard Station where he was detained.


JULY: A tragic shooting accident occurred on Saturday evening at the Balbriggan Coastguard Station, base for the National Troops. It appears that at about 3pm that day a comrade of Balscadden recruit, 18 year old Private John .J.Naughton, left his rifle in the guardroom after unloading it.

Some time later he returned to clean the rifle, deceased was in the guardroom at the same time with others carrying out similar duties, and having earlier unloaded the gun, he found his gun cocked. He turned the rifle round and pulled the trigger. He heard the shot and immediately saw Private. Naughton on the ground. He died instantly.

On the Tuesday the coroner for Noth Dublin Mr.Chr.Friery, held an inquest. Chief of Police McGlennon attended with Comm.O'Connell and Mr.Cochrane for the next of kin.

The jury was sworn in: Michael O'Rourke, Patrick Daly, Jn.Landy, Geo.Mongey, Hugh Scanlan, Patrick Clinch, James Farrell, T.M.Cashell, Bernard O'Reilly, Thomas Walsh, Laurence Carr and C.Dillon.

The verdict returned was accidental death with no criminal negligence on behalf of the other soldier concerned, Pte. Daniel O'Connor.


AUGUST: Three young men were shot dead under painful and so far somewhat obscure circumstances in North Co.Dublin on Saturday afternoon.

Sean Cole (19) from Buckingham St and Alfred Colley (21), Parnell St, were taken into a motor car near Ballybough Bridge and driven to the Yellow Lane, near 'The Thatch' where five or six men, dressed in trench coats and hats, tok them from the car and shot them against the piers of a gate.

Bernard Daly from Drogheda was shot dead at St.Doulough's, between Swords and Malahide on the public road.

Following the discovery of the body by Frank Caul from Balgriffin, Captain Ryan from the National Army, Swords, was called out.


MAY: The evacuation of Gormanston Camp is well underway with the Black and Tans headquarters likely to be cleared before the end of the week.

On Monday and Tuesday several lorries from Gormanston conveyed ammunition of all kinds, bombs and bullets, Verey lights, etc to Balbriggan harbour where it was put on board Mr.A.Corcoran's 'Maid of Mourne' preparatory to being dumped in the sea.

The boat with its unique cargo was then towed out by motor boat to deep water three or four miles off the coast between Skerries and Balbriggan and the items placed in sacks and dumped overboard.

Must anxiety is felt in Balbriggan least the dangerous cargo be driven ashore again by the sea but the harbour master believes it will not lift ashore.


JUNE: The funeral of Jas.Wall, Adjutant, A.Coy, 4th Batt, Fingal Brigade, IRA, took place in Garristown, attended by a large crowd including Brig. O'Connell and Comdt. Jos.Kelly. The firing party, under Comdt. Maguire, came from the Balbriggan coastguard station.