Wednesday 20 March 2019

Group go Plane Mad at minister during speech

Conference interrupted by protesters dressed as cartoon criminals

The group were protesting against the planned new runway at Dublin Airport and claimed the development would 'double aircraft emissions at the airport'. The group says these emissions play 'a dangerous part in causing climate change'.

To make their point, two activists dressed as cartoon criminals mimed building a runway around the podium that Minister Gormley was speaking from.

Aircraft noise was simultaneously played from the back of the room and one of the 'criminals' moved among the audience passing out information about the proposed new runway from his bag of 'swag'.

The minister was also presented with a letter by the group which he accepted. A witness to the incident said the protest was 'good natured' and the minister seemed unfazed by the incident.

The activists were dressed as criminals because they consider allowing the airport to double its capacity to be a 'crime against the climate'.


After the campaigners had made their point they were peacefully escorted out of the conference suite and Mr Gormley was allowed to continue.

Ian Clotworthy, one of cartoon criminals, said: 'Fingal County Council are not fit hosts for a green infrastructure conference when one of the least green pieces of infrastructure in Ireland is currently being built at Dublin Airport'. 'We support UPROAR in their campaign against this second runway and we oppose it ourselves because of the contribution of aviation emissions to climate change.'

Tara Sheehy of Plane Mad, who was also in the room, said: 'Doubling capacity at Dublin Airport will also double the amount emissions. 'Spending money in an economic downturn on such a project of pollution is madness.' Meanwhile, UPROAR were also in attendance at the conference and a number of the Portmarnock group's members managed to collar the minister for a few works to make their opposition to the runway clear and their demands for a proper cost-benefit analysis of the project.