Sunday 16 June 2019

Green Party want MetroLink to extend to Donabate peninsula

The Green Party have called for the Metro to be extended to the Donabate peninsula.
The Green Party have called for the Metro to be extended to the Donabate peninsula.

The Green Party wants MetroLink to extend beyond Swords and travel on to Donabate.

Green Party leader, Eamon Ryan TD called on Transport Infrastructure Ireland to make the change to the proposed metro route, saying: 'Metrolink should extend beyond the current terminus at Lissenhall to include a final station beside the mainline rail station at Donabate.'

Mark Henry, the Green Party representative for Swords and Donabate, endorsed Ryan's call, saying: 'Donabate is undergoing significant housing development with planning either granted or under consideration for an additional 1,100 homes - potentially leading to a population increase of 7,000 people.

'The town is set to face significant transport difficulties as it grows, but MetroLink can play an important role in addressing this,'

In his own submission to the TII on MetroLink, Mr Henry called for the development of the north end of the line to be prioritised.

He said: 'Metro North was proposed long before there was MetroLink.

'The people of north county Dublin have been promised this facility for nearly two decades now.

'I want to see a phased development so that the northern end of the route is built first and made operational to the city centre before the southern end is completed.

'This approach would recognise the national importance of securing airport access to the city centre as soon as possible.'

He also called for the metro planning application to include cycle lanes to connect surrounding communities with each station, and for a safe cycling route to be built alongside the entire line from Swords to the city centre.

Mr Henry said: 'It is important that each station is easily accessible by bicycle in order to reduce traffic and car parking pressure on the surrounding communities. Furthermore, the construction offers the opportunity to build a safe cycling route alongside the entire line, connecting up Swords and the city centre for cycling commuters.'

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