Saturday 24 February 2018

Gift voucher info campaign

THE Gift Voucher Shop (GVS), which is majority owned by An Post and which sells the One4all gift card, has launched a national media campaign to bust some myths about gift cards this Christmas.

The campaign is designed to take the 'ouch' out of buying a gift card by clarifying some key facts for consumers in the run up to Christmas. GVS is also encouraging consumer awareness of the website.

Commenting on the campaign from Ireland's largest seller of multi-retailer gift cards, Michael Dawson, CEO of the Gift Voucher Shop, said: 'It's absolutely vital that consumers get accurate information to help them make properly informed decisions on their gift purchases.

'The facts are that most gift cards are quickly spent and fully enjoyed by consumers. In the case of our own One4all gift card, there is no expiry date, the card is governed by the European Communities (Electronic Money) regulations 2011 and lost cards can be replaced easily by consumers.'

One4all ( is also calling again for clarification from the National Consumer Agency (NCA) regarding recently published research findings.

The research publication has been reported as stating that almost half of all gift cards are not spent by consumers. This is factually incorrect and should be clarified by the NCA under its remit to protect consumers and provide them with accurate information on their consumer rights.


EMPLOYERS have been urged by the Retirement Planning Council to help staff prepare for retirement.

The Retirement Planning Council of Ireland is calling on employers to give the gift of a retirement planning course to their employees this Christmas.

A recent campaign by the Retirement Planning Council emphasises how retirement can be the most daunting time of a career and preparation is crucial in order to maximise the time ahead.

According to Elizabeth Carvill, Head of Marketing and Development at the Retirement Planning Council: 'Nowadays, for many people, retirement can be longer than the time spent in a career. Christmas can be a time of the year when people start reflecting on their personal circumstances. Those approaching retirement can have worries or concerns and a Retirement Planning Course offers the gift of preparation and reassurance.'

The Retirement Planning Council has seen an increase of 17% in the number of course attendees this year.

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