Saturday 20 July 2019

Gibney's 'Cheltenham 100 Club' donates whopping €10,000 to charity

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A new day care centre for people suffering from Alzheimer's disease opens this July in Malahide, thanks to the generosity and support of a well-known Malahide establishment.

Gibney's of Malahide last week presented a cheque to the amount of €10,000 to the Broadmeadow branch of ASI (Alzheimer's Society of Ireland), enabling the new centre to open and offering much needed respite to carers.

Gibney's 'Cheltenham 100 Club' members raised the sum through the proceeds of winnings from the 2019 Cheltanham Festival, and the donation to ASI will provide for the first year's operation of the new centre.

Noel McComish, Chairman of the Broadmeadow branch of ASI spoke of the new facility, and of his gratitude to Gibney's and its patrons:

'We're opening a one day centre on a Monday from 12pm to 5pm, and really what it means is that the carer can take some time off for themselves.

'They'll be doing different activities, they'll have their lunch there as well, and then at five o'clock, the carer comes and collects them. The cheque from Gibney's will enable us to do that, because there's no HSE money, so we can open and advertise and let people know that the service is available.'

He said: 'At the end of the day, what we're giving is twenty people a new Monday; the carer can go into town, visit friends, play golf or whatever and know that their loved one is being looked after.'

Noel's inspiration for opening the centre came when he visited a similar facility in Dundalk three years ago, and so impressed was he by what he saw that he decided to bring the service to Malahide.

Noel is now in discussions for opening a second day care centre in Portmarnock, and hopes to open a larger facility in Malahide operating five days a week.

Speaking of his gratitude towards Gibney's and the 'Cheltenham 100 Club', Noel said: 'I would be thanking on behalf of twenty Malahide people, that they now have a new Monday, and thanking the club members who were generous enough to donate €10,000 to make it possible. So from July, the lives of twenty Malahide people will change dramatically.'

Tony Gibney, manager of Gibney's Pub said: 'When you think of Alzheimer's, most families come to a situation where they have to look after a member of the family, be it a mother or father, aunt, uncle or somebody with Alzheimer's, and I think every family is touched by it.

'It's great to get that relief that you can go and do something, and that's what this charity does, it offers that relief. You realise how tough it is for the people that are looking after the person as well as themselves, so giving them respite or a break is a great piece of work, so it's such a worthwhile charity.'

The centre, open next month, will operate from the parish centre of St Sylvester's Church each Monday from 12pm to 5pm, kindly facilitated by Father Kevin Moore.

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