Thursday 18 January 2018

Gas keeps us warm

SOME 92,951 homes in Fingal have central heating according to the latest figures released from Census 2011 which break down exactly what kind of fuel Fingal residents are choosing to heat their homes with.

Overwhelmingly, natural gas is the preferred choice of Fingal residents in heating their homes with 65,238 households using this kind of fuel. Next most popular, but a long way behind is oil which is used in 18,176 of the county's homes. Some 6,138 homes are heated by electricity while 831 use coal, 58 use peat, 238 use LPG, 252 use wood and 211 use other kinds of fuel not specified on the Census form. Just 514 homes are recorded as having no central heating while a further 1,295 did not state whether they had centrally heated homes. In terms of the sewage facilities used for Fingal homes, the figures show some 83,488 'permanent, private households' are connected to a public scheme. Some 3,657 have an individual septic tank with another 1,151 using another kind of individual treatment system and just 58 are listed as having no sewerage facility at all. In terms of water supply, 84,972 private homes are connected to the public mains in Fingal with 4,277 part of a local authority group scheme. Some 135 homes are part of a private group scheme and another 299 have some other private source of water, with just 18 households telling Census 2011 that they have no piped water.

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