Tuesday 23 January 2018

Further delay for Scoil Chormaic's brand new home

John Manning

After already enduring a year of frustrating delays in moving in to the school's new home at Stephenstown in Balbriggan, Scoil Chormaic pupils will have to wait a couple of weeks more to occupy the new building and at least 100 pupils will have to spend that transition period in temporary accommodation at another school.

Scoil Chormaic's move to their new state-of-the art school building was initially slated for last Autumn, then it was pushed out to early this year but in March, the Department of Education was forced to admit the school would not be ready to occupy until this summer, following a delay apparently caused by difficulties connecting the school to an electricity supply.

That should have meant the school would be comfortably ready for the return of pupils this month, but last week. school principal, Deirdre Corcoran was forced to write to parents informing them, there would be a further delay.

In her letter to parents, Ms Corcoran said: 'The new school building in Stephenstown will not be ready for our use on the 5th of September.

'The building in Stephenstown is almost complete and it is expected that the school will move there during the first two weeks of September. As a consequence, the school will re-open on Tuesday the 5th of September in the same building that we have occupied for the past four years in Castlemill.'

For those couple of weeks, the school has been left with a problem to solve. With increased numbers, its accommodation at Castlemill simply cannot accommodate all of its pupils.

Ms Corcoran explained: 'Our building in Castlemill cannot accommodate our combined 5th and 6th classes. Arrangements are being made to provide alternative temporary accommodation for these classes. Parents of children in the combined 5th and 6th classes will be informed of these arrangements in the coming days.'

On Monday morning, the school principal had an update for parents saying: 'As you know our new building in Stephenstown is nearing completion but not yet ready. It is expected to be ready by mid-September, at the latest. In the meantime, we are short of three classrooms in our school building in Castlemill. Until the new school building is completed, it has been decided to accommodate the combined 5th and 6th classes in Gael Coláiste Glór na Mara. Scoil Chormaic children will share the campus but will be located in a separate, secure section of the school with a separate entrance, classrooms, play area and all other facilities (including toilets). Additional learning support teachers will also be located with these classes.

'Scoil Chormaic CNS principal and management acknowledge that this is not an ideal solution for parents, particularly where two children from the same family will be in two different locations. In order to facilitate parents we have organised shuttle buses to take the children to and from the main Castlemill building each day.'

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