Thursday 13 December 2018

Frosty fun in Holywell as new residents arrive

This snow family appeared after the recent cold snap
This snow family appeared after the recent cold snap

While the perfect storm that was the meeting of The Beast from The East and Storm Emma may have proven a huge inconvenience for many, the residents of Holywell Estate in Swords decided to look on the bright side and invited some new residents to the estate.

The new residents looked decidedly pale an often had facial features made from vegetables, twigs and coal. Holywell's latest occupants were of course, a whole series of snowmen and snow-women and even snow-children that began to pop up all over the Swords estate as the snowfall got heavier and all that white powder proved irresistible to the obviously very creative human population in the Swords estate.

Holywell Residents Association were so impressed with their new neighbours that they began taking pictures of them before the inevitable thaw threatened to reduce the population of snow-families on the estate. Some of the snow-people were looking better than others, and many were dressed up for the weather in scarves and hats. Well done to all who took part in the frosty fun.

Fingal Independent