Wednesday 24 July 2019

Foxwood parking problems

John Manning

Commuter parking as well as staff parking from neighbouring businesses is a blight on a number of Swords estates, making life difficult for local residents.

Two such estates are Foxwood and Carlton Court and in a recent update to residents on these estates, Cllr Darragh Butler (FF) outlined there was no immediate solution to the problem but offiered hope arising out of a review of parking bye-laws being undertaken by Fingal county council.

Residents of Foxwood recently held a meeting on the issue and in advance of that meeting, Cllr Butler confirmed he was working on the issue.

He said: 'The council has commenced a review of the Car Parking Bye-laws across Fingal and as part of this review they will examine specific areas that are causing concern to citizens.

'Once completed, the review will be presented to the Councillors for approval.

'I checked in with council officials this week and what will happen next is that they will come back to us with plans to go out for review later this year. At that stage we will be able to make submissions and suggestions, for example with regard to Foxwood and Carlton Court which are two estates in Swords badly impacted.'

He said: 'If we succeed in getting Foxwood considered, if that is what residents want, the council would look at putting in a Pay & Display system that would attempt to discourage non-resident parking as much as possible, but in such a way that discomforts residents and their visitors as little as possible.'

Cllr Butler concluded: 'Unfortunately there is no immediate solution and we will have to attempt to deal with this as part of this review.'

These and other estates in Swords will be looking closely at the parking bye-laws review in the hope that the situation can be addressed by the council.

Fingal Independent