Friday 24 May 2019

Flynn is a hero for all of Fingal says his club

John Manning

Fingallians and Dubs legend, Paul Flynn collected his sixth All-Ireland winner's medal on Sunday and played every game in the Championship up to the final.

There was a tinge of disappointment that the home town hero did not get a run out in the final but that was quickly eclipsed by reflection on the achievements of the 32-year-old Fingallians player who, according to his club chairman, now has 'more Celtic crosses than Clonmacnoise, Monasterboice and Kilfennan put together'.

Fingallians chairman, Tony Gordon said: 'It's an incredible achievement for a young man of 32 and for the club it is absolutely fantastic. Our kids look up to him so much.'

Tony is looking forward to seeing Flynn back in a Fingallians jersey as they fight for promotion to Division 1, where the club chairman believes Fingallians truly belong.

The Fingallians chairman said Paul Flynn was not only a hometown hero but a hero that all of Fingal can be proud of for his off-field activities with the likes of Pieta House as much for his on-field triumphs.

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