Sunday 20 January 2019

Eva is inspiration at scoliosis event

John Manning

The inspirational Eva Butterly from Rush has spoken at scoliosis conference at Cappagh Hospital about how she has treated her own scoliosis through weight training and body-building.

Eva found that weight training helped achieved a symmetry to her spine she only dreamt of before and it was that story and others she shared at the conference. Eva has worked as an actress and model and is now a competitive body-builder and personal trainer, specialising in disabled clients.

Cappagh National Orthopaedic Hospital is on course to increase its scoliosis activity by 40% in 2018 and has capacity to increase it further in 2019. The hospital, Ireland's leading orthopaedic hospital, was proud to host Ireland's first ever International Scoliosis Awareness Day conference recently.

The event was organised by Scoliosis Awareness and Support Ireland which aims to support and provide education around the spine curvature disorder amongst patients in Ireland.  A number of experts discussed the latest developments and outcomes at the conference.

Angela Lee, Deputy Chief Executive Officer, Cappagh National Orthopaedic Hospital said: "We're very happy to have assisted Scoliosis Awareness and Support Ireland in hosting this event.   Cappagh Hospital is at the forefront of delivering this much needed surgery.   To date in 2018 we have completed 28 scoliosis procedures with many more cases scheduled for the coming months.

'The benefits of Cappagh as a centre for delivering scoliosis procedures include short waiting times, low risk of cancellations due to the hospital being an elective site, internationally trained Consultant Paediatric Surgeons and Anaesthetists and excellent patient centred care and outcomes.'

The aim of International Scoliosis Awareness Day is to hold events to create positive public awareness on scoliosis, promote education, and bring together those affected.

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