Monday 18 December 2017

Em-bracing a fresh idea

Dr. Aileen Griffin and nurse Hazel Reilly at their practice, Balbriggan Braces.
Dr. Aileen Griffin and nurse Hazel Reilly at their practice, Balbriggan Braces.

BALBRIGGAN Braces specialise in the kind of braces that go around your teeth and not the ones that hold your trousers up and the orthodontic business has celebrated its first few months in operation with an official launch.

Balbriggan Braces had its official launch event recently but has been operating in the town since last August and according to the founder of the business, Dr. Aileen Griffin, the orthodontic service has proven popular and been busy in its opening months.

'It's really busy. I started off here in August by myself and now we have two other people working here, Dr. Mary Ngeh who is an orthodontist and our dental nurse, Hazel Reilly.'

Aileen was working at a dental practice in Balbriggan when she spotted an opening in the market for a business specialising in orthodontics and the idea for Balbriggan Braces was born.

Dr. Griffin is Balbriggan born and bred and a former Loreto Balbriggan student. Launching the business, she said: 'Our aim is to provide quality orthodontics at affordable prices to the people of Balbriggan and the north county.'

The Balbriggan woman said that Balbriggan Braces will compete with prices in Northern Ireland and will offer 0% payment plans to make the treatment even more affordable.

'Furthermore, we offer a free initial consultation where treatment options and pricing are discussed,' she added.

Dr Aileen Griffin grew up and went to school in Balbriggan before moving to Wales to study Dentistry at Cardiff University.

Following graduation in 2007 she undertook vocational training in a general and orthodontic practice in Swansea before returning to work as a general dentist in Balbriggan Dental Care.

From there she undertook postgraduate study in Warwick University and now concentrates solely on offering orthodontic services in her practices in Balbriggan and Drogheda. She said the transition to running her own business felt like a 'natural progression' and now she wants Balbriggan Braces to grow and thrive.

Dr. Mary Ngeh is the newest member of the Balbriggan Braces team. Mary has worked as a HSE orthodontist in Navan for the past 20 years but has now started a private list at Balbriggan Braces.

Dr. Ngeh is experienced in treating difficult cases and tackles similar cases in her work at the clinic.

So why have braces fitted? Aileen said: 'Although typical Orthodontic patients look forward to having a beautiful smile at the end of treatment, braces also have a significant positive impact on long-term good dental health.

'Malocclusion is the technical term used by dentists to describe crooked, spaced, crowded or protruding teeth that do not fit together properly.

'Malocclusions can be inherited or can be caused by things such as thumb-sucking, dental disease, early loss of baby teeth or accidents.'

The business provides treatment for children and adults but Aileen said that when it comes to braces, the earlier the intervention, the better.

'Early intervention can make treatment at a later age shorter and less complicated. With early treatment we can often achieve results that may not be possible once the face and jaws have finished growing.'

But for adults with problems, it is not too late. 'Many adults in Ireland were never presented with the opportunity to have straighter teeth and more and more are starting treatment in their older years.

'We find that this sometimes causes some slight initial embarrassment but with new, more discreet techniques in teeth straightening and adult braces becoming much more commonplace, patients are feeling less and less anxious about embarking on treatment.'

Aileen saus that 'treatment can be conducted without compromising your lifestyle and your braces do not have to be visible'.

When planning the new clinic, Dr Griffin wanted to have the best in dental technology available and so Balbriggan Braces is kitted out with state-of-the-art technology.

You can find out more about Balbriggan Braces at

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