Sunday 25 August 2019

Elvis Presley exbo bid gets new backing

Campaign for a Swords 'Elvis museum' gets local senator's full support

Maurice Colgan with his impressive Elvis Presley collection
Maurice Colgan with his impressive Elvis Presley collection

Ken Phelan

A local senator was 'All shook up' recently when she heard about a Swords man's plans to open an 'Elvis Presley Story Museum' in the town, and has arranged a private visit to the avid fan's home to view his collection of memorabilia herself.

Senator Lorraine Clifford Lee first read of Maurice Colgan's plans in The Fingal Independent, and with both she and her husband being huge Elvis fans, contacted Maurice for a guided tour before the museum opens in Swords.

Maurice has an extensive collection of Elvis memorabilia, from original records, film co-stars' letters, posters, newspaper articles to statues and more - but now, with him unable to find his Blue Suede Shoes in the mess, he has decided to open a permanent shrine in the town.

A thrilled Senator Clifford Lee spoke last week before her visit to see Swords's biggest fan of the man they called 'The King': 'I'm a big Elvis fan and so is my husband, so I'd love to see it, I just thought it was a fantastic idea.

'I'm hoping to visit Maurice in the next week or so, we're just trying to find a date - we're really looking forward to it.

'It's a great idea, it's a tourist attraction, it's a niche tourist area, and it could definitely generate some tourism for the area.

'There are a lot of Elvis fans in Ireland and beyond, and some of the memorabilia looks really really good. It's a unique visitor experience and I think it'll add to the town of Swords.'

She said: 'My husband is a huge Elvis fan, and he is really looking forward to it. He heard about it and was like 'Oh my God, I'd love to go and see that', and that's why I contacted Maurice to see if it would be possible.'

Lorraine said she wants to see if she can be of any assistance to Maurice in setting up the museum, as she feels it's great that he is opening up his collection to the public. If Maurice can provide such a service to the town, she said, then she'd like to investigate that with him.

She said: 'Elvis is an icon of the modern era, he was revolutionary in his songs and music and formed the basis of all our modern music really.

'His back story as well, he was born into an extremely poor family in the 1930s, so it's a real story of rags to riches.'

Maurice has contacted Fingal County Council to see if they can be of any assistance with finding a location for the museum.

In the meantime, the lucky senator and her Rock 'N' Roll husband will get to see Maurice's vast collection before it comes to Swords...if they manage to squeeze through Maurice's front door.

Fingal Independent