Thursday 21 February 2019

Efforts to keep the county safe are appreciated

Findley Crowley (left) with Matthew and Emily Cauldwell having fun in Skerries.
Findley Crowley (left) with Matthew and Emily Cauldwell having fun in Skerries.

During 'Status Red' weather warnings, the local authority should provide estates with their own supplies of salt and grit to help keep estate roads clear of snow and ice.

That is the view of Cllr Duncan Smith who said he is 'calling on Fingal County Council to provide snow and grit to residents associations during Status Red Warnings for snow and ice'.

Cllr Smith said: 'The Council did an incredible job during Storm Emma to keep Class 1 and 2 routes open.

'The communication from the council through social media was regular and detailed and all levels of the council should be commended for this. However, special commendation must go to the operations and outdoor workers who worked day and night to keep us safe.'

But the Labour councillor added: 'I am requesting that the council supply salt and grit to active residents associations to grit steep inclines inside estates during status red warnings in the future.

'I know residents groups who would have been active inside their estates to make them safer.'

Meanwhile, Cllr Darragh Butler also paid tribute to council staff who battled against the weather conditions to keep our main roads passable during the heaviest snowfall in 35 years. Cllr Butler said: 'I would like to pay tribute to all of the Council staff and the emergency services who put in such trojan work over the last week, working 24/7 in terrible conditions, clearing our roads, keeping us safe and keeping Fingal moving. The work they completed really was immense.'

He added: 'I would also like to thank the local companies and community groups who pulled together and completed tremendous work locally. We had Country Crest clearing the roads around Man O'War, local farmers and tractor owners helping to clear roads in St. Margaret's, Oliver Allen of Pavemak Tarmacadam and Asphalt who with a digger spent Saturday and Sunday clearing roads in River Valley and Ridgewood, 'local residents out with their shovels spending hours shovelling snow and clearing paths for their neighbours, River Valley, Holywell, Swords Manor and residents all over Swords getting out and contributing hours to their community. When the power went in parts of River Valley on Friday morning, residents with power were inviting over those that didn't.'

Cllr Butler concluded: 'To me, Storm Emma not only proved to me what fantastic council staff and emergency service personnel that we have, but also what fantastic local companies and community spirit that we have also. Thank you to one and all.'

Cllr Bulter said that council front line staff and our local emergency services should be honoured by leading out St Patrick's Day parades

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