Saturday 24 March 2018

Dublin Airport project aims to save over 600,000Wh in energy

THE Fingal Independent is featuring a Get Involved project at Dublin Airport this year that aims to completely transform the lighting system at Pier 1 and save over 600,000kWh in energy.

The project involves upgrading the current lighting system in Pier 1 (15,000 sqm) with LED lighting technology and associated control systems.

The existing lighting system in Pier 1 was installed in 2007 and is reaching the end of its design life.

It comprises a mixture of fluorescent and metal halide technology which are inefficient but the proposed new system is based on the tighter control of the lighting through modern lighting control systems and the replacement of the light fittings with energy efficient LED fittings.

With these fittings the energy consumption will be reduced by 630,000 kWh per annum.

A review completed by the Asset Care department at the DAA found that the current system has repeated lighting control and lamp failures and high energy use.

The review recommended the replacement of the current fittings with modern, long-life, energy efficient lights.

The new system will also entail tighter control of the lighting through modern control systems. The lamp life will increase from 15,000 hrs to 50,000 hrs and will in turn reduce the number of maintenance interventions required by the current system.

According to the DAA, the new lighting system will be visible to a huge audience and will showcase the sustainable nature of the key piece of national infrastructure that is Dublin Airport.

The project will educate passengers, staff and the general public on the theme of energy efficiency and sustainability and the subsequent communication will positively influence the community that exists at and around Dublin Airport.

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