Saturday 19 January 2019

Dermo is home at last!

Rush man gets hero's welcome as his cycle around the world ends

Rush welcomes home round the world cyclist Dermot Higgins.
Rush welcomes home round the world cyclist Dermot Higgins.

John Manning

The communities of Lusk and Rush, many of whom had entrusted the education of their children to Dermot Higgins, were out in force at the weekend to welcome home the retired teacher who on his last day working at Rush and Lusk Educate Together, headed off to become the oldest man to cycle around the world and is now at home reflecting on the completion of his world record-breaking effort.

A hero's welcome greeted Rush man, Dermot 'Dermo' Higgins as he returned home after cycling around the world at the age of 56 (when he started the journey he was 55).

He is now, as far as the record books are concerned, the oldest man to have done so and after marking his incredible achievement on the Late Late Show on Friday night, he went on to homecoming receptions in Lusk and Rush on Saturday.

Reflecting on his epic journey across the world, Dermot said: 'I set out to conquer the world and while I'm incredibly proud of having completed what I set out to do, I also feel a tremendous sense of smallness and humility

'I've discovered that indeed the world is really round, it's really big and it's really wonderful!'

The statistics from Dermot's incredible efforts are truly mind-bending. The 56-year-old cycled 29,850km on the bike alone and when you add in the air, ferry and train miles, the journey comes to over 47,000km.

His body has changed shape considerably too, losing some 14.5kg along the way which is small wonder when you consider, he was burning about 6,000 calories a day. He dedicated his extraordinary achievement to his late Dad, Dermot and his son, Fionn.

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