Wednesday 23 January 2019

Defendant says he carries a knife 'for his own protection'

Balbriggan District Court
Balbriggan District Court

A man who was intoxicated and had a knife with a four inch blade in his car claimed it was for his own protection as he was homeless at the time.

David Grimes (27) was outside the vehicle when gardai approached him.

He was drunk and gardai discovered a four inch blade in the handle of the driver's side of the car. The defendant was arrested.

Grimes, of Thomas Street in Dublin pleaded guilty to being intoxicated and being in unlawful possession of the knife at South Strand in Skerries on August 31.

He has four previous convictions.

Defence solicitor Fiona D'Arcy said the defendant has not come to garda attention since.

'He was homeless at the time and strung out on alcohol. As he was sleeping in his car he felt vulnerable and had the knife for his protection,' Ms D'Arcy explained.

'He has now gotten a place to stay and hasn't taken any alcohol or illegal substances since.'

'It seems serious having the knife but there is a context to it. He has no history of violence and he is a gentle soul,' Ms D'Arcy continued.

'His life seems to have gotten a lot better now he has accommodation and is clean,' she said.

Judge Paula Murphy agreed there was extenuating circumstances as to why the defendant had the knife and said as he is dealing with his issues she will impose a conviction and fine of €150 for being in possession of the knife. She took being intoxicated into consideration.

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