Thursday 19 September 2019

DCU has record CAO first round

As students sweat over their CAO offers this week, there is good news from Fingal's closest university, DCU, which has made its highest ever number of CAO offers with 3,600 first round places on offer.

As the demand for places on DCU's degree programmes continues to surge, this represents an increase of 5.7% on last year. The student population at DCU has grown by over 50% in the last five years.

Reflecting the university's strong pedigree in the area of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics), and the high levels of employability associated with these qualifications, DCU has seen a significant uplift in demand for many of its STEM degrees and has made an additional

150 places available to students on these programmes.

The interest in STEM is reflected in the popularity of degree programmes in the Faculty of Science and Health, with points

for the BSc in Environmental Science and Technology rising by 41 to 412. Demand for Psychology has also continued to grow with points rising by 21 to 509.

Despite the increase in places offered, points for most degree programmes in the Faculty of Engineering and Computing have remained steady with Common Entry Engineering at 381, Biomedical Engineering at 402, and Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering at 401. In DCU's Institute of Education Ireland's largest provider of teacher education, an additional 39 places have been offered across the portfolio of education programmes. The new Post-Primary Teacher Education programme (Gaeilge with French, German or Spanish), aimed at addressing the shortage of language teachers at post-primary level, proved very popular with almost 45 places offered and entry points at 410. Points for the BEd in Early Childhood Education rose by 10 to 398.

In Humanities and Social Sciences, interest in DCU's BA Joint Honours suite of programmes remained strong with points as high as 369. At least some of this popularity can be attributed to the inclusion this year of an opportunity for students to participate in a year-long work placement, further equipping them with skills to flourish in the workplace.

Two of DCU's flagship degrees, the BCL Law degree (453 points) and Journalism (401 points), proved popular again this year.

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