Saturday 23 February 2019

'Cromwell is owed a huge apology'

Tom Reilly is set to release a new book entitled ‘Cromwell was Framed’
Tom Reilly is set to release a new book entitled ‘Cromwell was Framed’

Hubert Murphy

OLIVER Cromwell was framed and Tom Reilly has the proof!

The manager of Ardgillan Castle is set to tell all in an explosive new book that will blow holes in the modern day belief that Cromwell murdered civilians in Drogheda during his attack on the town.

The book. 'Cromwell was Framed', claims to provide 'definitive research that proves the Irish nation owes Oliver Cromwell a huge posthumous apology for wrongly convicting him of civilian atrocities in 1649'.

Tom's first book on the subject, 'Cromwell: An Honourable Enemy' – some 15 years ago – sparked widespread controversy amongst historians who had branded Cromwell a 'war criminal' during his time in Ireland.

This time, amateur historian Mr. Reilly has traced contemporary documents in Britain and now claims two individuals 'created the myth' surrounding Cromwell – and he can prove it!

'I suppose this is a snub to the academia out there,' he said. 'I've spent five years working on this and there was a huge miscarriage of justice here.'

He accepts that some of those who were left behind after the Cromwell period 'blackened his name' but the stories about The Protector stuck.

While he feels the book will start the process of explaining the facts about Cromwell, it could take 300 years to change some views.

Chillingly, Cromwell's head was not buried with him when he died and was 'shown around the houses' and indeed, he didn't find rest until March 1960 when the head was finally buried.

'That's the month and year I was born!' Tom remarked. The book is due out later in the summer.

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