Tuesday 20 February 2018

Country Crest backs new charity campaign

Sarah O'Connell and Daisy Hughes (3) at the launch of the One Percent Difference Campaign
Sarah O'Connell and Daisy Hughes (3) at the launch of the One Percent Difference Campaign
Country Crest Commercial Manager Tony Doyle with local workers from the Christine Valley Model Farm, Haiti.

A LUSK-based firm is playing a leading role in the high-profile One Percent Different Campaign which aims to enable everyone to give regardless of their financial situation.

Country Crest, one of the leading businesses in the agri-food sector, has been named as one of the corporate exemplars because of its strong corporate social responsibility ethos.

The idea of the campaign is simple: it doesn't matter who you are or what you do, everyone is asked to give just one per cent – one percent of your time or your income – to a charity or cause you believe in.

Country Crest was selected as one of the corporate exemplars to support the campaign due to the company's strong CSR ethos.

Recognising the importance of agriculture as a resource for sustainable living both domestically and within developing communities is what led Country Crest founders, Michael and Gabriel Hoey to commit to various corporate social responsibilities in recent years and incorporate CSR as a fundamental part of the business strategy, in what they do now and will do in the future.

CSR involves the medium to long-term commitment to international agricultural programs, providing the company's own expertise, resources and funding to empower less developed communities to have sustainable, secure and safe food production, on an on-going basis.

At present Country Crest are involved in three existing International projects; One project in the Caribbean country of Haiti and two projects in the African country of Lesotho.

Commercial Manager Tony Doyle has been the active company representative for these projects and visits each area on an on-going basis.

Speaking about Country Crest's farming project in Haiti, Tony said: 'The primary aim of this model farm project is to educate the locals, enabling them to grow food in a sustainable, secure and economically stimulating manner.

'Country Crest have employed local agronomists and local university graduates to maintain and manage the farm unit so that the whole community is fully involved and empowered to make their own decisions, and thus allowing us to observe their progress and offer guidance when they want it.'

Country Crest Marketing Manager Julie Curtin said the company's CSR projects have a positive influence on workers. 'The company's involvment in CSR projects has an undeniable 'feel good' factor for all directly and indirectly involved.

'For employees directly engaged 'on-the-ground' at the international project locations to those assisting from the home base, all staff members benefit from the active participation and knowledge of participation in a way that tangibly reflects, increased staff morale leading to higher productivity in the work place, improved work place relationships and strengthened team building.'

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