Monday 27 May 2019

Councillors' warning over new road

Balbriggan/Swords area council meeting

John Manning

Concerns have been raised by a number of councillors about the impact on traffic on the surrounding road network that the opening of the Barnageerah Distributor Road will happen, with one describing the likely impact as an 'accident waiting to happen'.

At the most recent meeting of the Balbriggan/Swords Area Committee, held in County Hall, Cllr Malachy Quinn (SF) and Cllr Cathal Boland (NP) both had motions on the issue calling on road safety measures to be taken in advance of the new distributor road's opening.

Car parking on the roadside is one major issue that needs to be addressed, according to Cllr Quinn who expects this problem to get worse when the road opens and will 'spell disaster' for the increased volume of traffic in the are likely to occur.

Cllr Tom O'Leary (FG) who said the safety issues had to be addressed 'in a major way' and there would be a cost to putting whatever solutions can be arrived at in place.

Cllr Gráinne Maguire (NP) said there was 'an accident waiting to happen' if there was not a safety plan put in place ahead of the opening of the road while Cllr Cathal Bolandsaid that he believed 'many of the problems that are going to occur can be headed off and there a need for them to be headed off in advance of the road opening.'

In response, the council reported: 'The Barnageeragh Distributor Road is substantially complete, with cycle tracks, footpaths and traffic calming measures throughout the scheme.

The Townparks Road is wide at the eastern end and parking is accommodated to facilitate access to the train station and local football pitches. Removing or preventing parking at this location will have adverse effects in the adjacent housing estates.'

The council argued the street parking could even prove of benefit to road safety, saying: 'It should also be noted that parking provides passive traffic calming and discourages higher vehicular speeds.'

The council report on the issue added: 'As part of the Greater Dublin Area Cycle Network Plan, a cycle route was identified by the NTA from the Townparks Road down to the train station and out to the R127 Dublin Road.'

It also stated: 'A new driver feedback sign with Slow/Go Mall roundel will be installed as part of

the 2018 VAS contract which has been recently awarded to PWS. It is envisaged that this will be installed in the coming weeks.'

Fingal Independent