Wednesday 24 January 2018

Council pass changes to polling rules

THE COUNCIL has passed amendments to its polling rules that will finally bring an end to the farce that saw people from Brackenstown in Swords pass a polling station on the other side of the road to drive to a station in River Valley, more than a mile away.

After a period of public consultation, the amendments have been passed by the council and will mean Brackenstown voters will now all be voting in St Cronan's school again having been moved to River Valley when the last electoral boundary changes took effect.

It will end a situation where 180 Brackenstown voters and 100 Park Avenue voters, who could cross the road to vote in Brackenstown (St Cronan's) Polling Station, have to get into their cars and drive 3km around the valley to River Valley (Holy Family) Polling Station to vote. A motion from Cllr Peter Coyle to allow residents of Torcaill in Portmarnock to vote in St Helen's school was also passed.

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