Sunday 16 June 2019

Council outlines €50 million spending plan on Balbriggan

While the 'Our Balbriggan' plan will see €20 million plus spent on Balbriggan over the next few years, the council will spend a total of €50 million in capital investment in the town over the next three years, according to its chief executive.

Council chief executive, Paul Reid said: 'Over the last few months we have implemented a range of actions in the area, including completion of the Stephenstown Link Road servicing 53 acres of industrial land for the town with the potential for up to 900 jobs.

'We have implemented an improved maintenance regime for the beach, completed a heritage trail for the town which will be installed and launched in December, returned the dome to the lighthouse and held the Festival of Fire safe Halloween event.'

He added: 'The Balbriggan will have free town centre Wi-Fi in early 2019 and will also be featured in RTE's Operation Transformation next year.

'We have also funded a Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths intervention programme for primary school children in the town.

'Overall, Fingal County Council will spend nearly €50 million of capital funding in the town in the next three years.'

Professor Brian MacCraith, President of Dublin City University and Chairman of Balbriggan Leadership Group who have worked on the plan to transform the town called the project 'a unique example of stakeholders coming together led by Fingal County Council to solve the socio-economic issues of a town in a collaborative and unified way'.

Professor McCraith: 'In a few years' time the centre of the town will have been transformed with public amenities flowing from the River Bracken and the Millpond Park through Quay Street down to a completely re-imagined Harbour which will be the envy of the country.'

Fingal Independent