Thursday 17 October 2019

Council outline peninsula progress

The Donabate Distributor Road is now well underway. Back when the first sod was turned, were pictured Eoghan Murphy TD; the then Mayor of Fingal, Cllr Mary McCamley; and Fingal County Council Chief Executive, Paul Reid
The Donabate Distributor Road is now well underway. Back when the first sod was turned, were pictured Eoghan Murphy TD; the then Mayor of Fingal, Cllr Mary McCamley; and Fingal County Council Chief Executive, Paul Reid

In the week that procurement began on delivering between 1,000 and 1,200 homes on a site in Donabate, the council has reported on a number of projects underway on the peninsula.

In a progress report on various projects being undertaken by the local authority on the peninsula, the council reported: 'Donabate and Portrane have been recognised by the council as having the potential to support a high quality of life for residents with the offerings of culture and heritage, ease of access to the coast, waterways and Dublin city & Airport. Council-funded amenities on the Donabate peninsula include Newbridge House and Demesne, Corballis Golf Club, Donabate Community Centre and Library as well as the all-weather playing facility and other pitches.

'At present there are 134 housing units under construction in Donabate while work has not yet started on further 806. The Portrane National Forensic Mental Health Service Facility is also currently under construction.'

The council stated: 'A planning framework for the sustainable development of Donabate is already in place, having been developed in consultation with the community.'

Outlining the current public investment going into the peninsula, the council stated: 'Construction on the multi-million euro Donabate Distributor Road is currently ongoing and is expected to be completed in 2019.

'This will provide a much-needed by-pass of Donabate, a quicker route to Portrane, a second bridge over the railway line and will also open up the lands in Ballymastone for development.

'Newbridge House and Demesne continues to be an important piece of community amenity infrastructure with its 370 acres containing walkways through parkland and woods as well as the historic house, coffee shop, farmyard, walled garden, playground and sports facilities. Almost €1million will be spent in Newbridge to ensure it continues to be one of the major community facilities in Fingal.

'The 2018 €370,000 works programme for Donabate and Portrane includes road resurfacing, drainage works, provision of pedestrian crossings & footpaths and an agreed programme of works with the local Tidy Towns association.'

Some of the projects currently underway and to be commenced in 2018 include: Pedestrian works at St Patrick's, Turvey Avenue and Hearse Road.

There will also be a pedestrian crossing to Newbridge Demesne from Turvey Avenue

A pedestrian Crossing, signing and lighting at The Links is also planned as are improvement Works at the junction of Smyths pub and Main Street which includes relining and the erection of traffic lights.

The council stated there will also be the widening of Hearse Road at Prospect House and removing the bad bend near the village, starting this year as well as road resurfacing at Beaverstown Road and Corballis Road and drainage work at Corballis Road.

In 2019, the council is planning further investment in a Recreational Hub at Ballymastone and a Nature Park at Corballis.

The local authority reproted: 'The Ballymastone Hub is a key component for the development of Donabate and will provide three schools as well as sporting and recreational facilities.'

In terms of investment planned on the peninsula up to 2020, the council reported: 'Plans are in place for Green Routes along Portrane Road, Turvey Road and the Rahillion Loop Walk while the Broadmeadow Greenway, a cycle and pedestrian route across the estuary, is expected to be completed by 2020 at a cost of €6.6m and will link Donabate to Malahide as part of the Fingal Costal Way. Preparations have also begun for a Pedestrian Bridge over the railway line.'

David Storey, Director of Operations at Fingal County Council, said: 'We are very aware of the need to ensure that we build sustainable communities and provide the necessary infrastructure for the community to grow and prosper.

'We already have a strong portfolio of community facilities on the Donabate peninsula and we are continuously improving the infrastructure as the area continues to grow.

'We work very closely with the local councillors and the community and have structures in place to ensure there is awareness of what is needed and what is being done.'

Reacting to the progress report on various works underway or planned on the peninsula, Cllr Adrian Henchy who lives on the peninsula said he would continue to push for more investment in the area.

Cllr Henchy said: 'I will continue to call for continued and sustained investment into Donabate and Portrane especially in the areas of infrastructure and community amenities and facilities.'

The local Fianna Fáil councillor concluded his statement, saying: 'I will also continue at every opportunity to ensure the local objectives for Donabate and Portrane in the County Development plan are delivered in full and that the Donabate Local Area Plan is also fully delivered.'

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