Sunday 21 April 2019

Council is having trouble filling the post of Heritage Officer

Fingal County Council has revealed that it is having difficulties in recruiting a new Heritage Officer for the county.

The delay in the recruiting of a Heritage Officer for the county was raised by Cllr Paul Mulville (SD) in a question submitted to this month's meeting of the full council.

In the written question, the Social Democrat councillor asks the local authority to 'outline the current position regarding the recruitment of a County Heritage Officer, and in particular when it is expected that the County Heritage Officer position will be filled?'

In a written response to the councillor's question from the council, the local authority explained: 'A recruitment campaign was recently conducted and regrettably, no candidate was found to be qualified for appointment to the post.'

The council was not able to give the expected date for the recruitment to the post that Cllr Mulville asked for and concluded its written statement by explaining: ' Consideration is currently being given as to what steps can be taken with regard to the filling of the post.'

Fingal Independent