Thursday 25 April 2019

Controversial drive-thru gets planning permission despite objections

Members of the Skerries group opposing the drive-thru project
Members of the Skerries group opposing the drive-thru project

A controversial planning application for a drive-thru fast food restaurant in Skerries has been granted despite local objections. On Wednesday Fingal County Council confirmed that they have granted planning permission to a drive-thru fast food restaurant beside a Montessori school and a few hundred yards from Skerries Educate Together National School.

This follows a concerted campaign against the proposal by local residents which started last year with a public meeting at the school in June.

Speaking on behalf of the campaign committee put together to oppose the development, local Green Party representative, Joe O'Brien reacted angrily to the decision to allow the project go ahead.

He said: 'People are very, very angry about this.

'The proposal for a drive-thru fast food restaurant in itself made people angry.

'But the fact that we have gone to such lengths to detail in a very professional manner the numerous shortcomings of this planned development, and the community at large has turned out in force against it, makes people especially angry that all of this was not listened to.'

Mr O'Brien said he had to question how 'the proposal could trump all the counter arguments made'.

He said: 'People simply do not understand how permission could be granted and we are also wondering what the point is in the public submission process if the arguments are simply ignored.'

The local campaigner said: 'The fact that the Irish Heart Foundation got very involved in this case and make very strong arguments against the proposal based on the damage it would do to our children really begs the question about what Fingal County Council's priorities really are.'

Mr O'Brien said the community would appeal the decision, saying: 'We want a clear message to go out to the community at large that while we are enraged and disillusioned in relation to the whole planning process we are certainly not defeated yet. We have already started the process of bringing an appeal to An Bord Pleanala.'

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