Monday 11 December 2017

Concerns over Donabate traffic

Residents worry over construction traffic volumes in the area

Fergal Maddock

The issue of construction traffic in Donabate has once again been raised with the HSE with a local TD claiming that it is of major concern for local residents.

A number of projects are taking place in the area including the development of the National Forensic Hospital.

Other works include work on the Tusla resident childcare facility project which is due to be completed in the first quarter of this year.

Furthermore, construction work is due to commence on the ground floor of block 1.2.3 at St. Ita's hospital campus towards the end of this month.

Deputy Alan Farrell (FG) said: 'Construction traffic in Donabate is a major concern for many residents in the local community, particularly as we approach further development for the new National Forensic Mental Hospital at St. Ita's.

'The Head of Estates of the HSE has confirmed to me that the enabling works for the National Forensic Mental Health Services Hospital project were completed in November 2016 and, as construction has not yet begun, no construction traffic related to this project has passed through Donabate since the third week of November last.

'However, at that time, HSE Estates approached all other building contractors working on the St. Ita's site and requested that they ensure those driving construction vehicles on all other projects were made aware of speed limits, and to consider limiting construction traffic travelling through the village at peak times as a gesture of goodwill.'

Deputy Farrell added: 'Other works are being completed at the St. Ita's site, which are separate to the development of the National Forensic Mental Hospital and, as such, Fingal County Council never attached any traffic restrictions to the planning permission for these building projects or other construction projects in the community - meaning they are not prevented from passing through the village at peak times. '

He said: 'I would hope that the council realises the dangers posed by construction traffic travelling through the village during peak hours, particularly when children are going to, and coming from, school.

On that basis, I would urge Fingal County Council to attach similar traffic restrictions to the planning permission for all other large-scale projects in Donabate and Portrane.

'In the interim, I have requested Fingal County Council to contact those involved in other construction projects on the St. Ita's site, and other major projects in the area to ask them to limit the level of construction traffic travelling through the village during peak hours as a matter of safety, and a gesture of goodwill to the local community.'

Fingal Independent

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