Thursday 18 July 2019

Closure of Hearse Road is questioned

Ken Phelan

Donabate Portrane Community Council has questioned plans for a six month temporary road closure of Hearse Road, Donabate as proposed by Fingal County Council.

The local authority has proposed road closure every Sunday to Thursday evening from 10pm to 6am, from Monday July 1 to Friday December 20 next.

The community council said it believes the closure - to facilitate the installation of water pipes by Irish Water - could be 'altered and improved', and has suggested 'modifications' to the planned closure measures.

Stating it 'fully supports infrastructural improvement measures', the community council said it was nevertheless 'anxious' to ensure this was not 'highly disruptive to the community', and expressed disappointment there was no prior consultation before plans were drawn up.

It was further stated by the community council that the notice period was 'in no way adequate' to provide for the submission of 'appropriate and considered responses.'

A spokesperson said: 'We suggest alternative closing times of 12.30am to 5.30am...particularly as a number of buses are due to run on Hearse Road and would be impacted by the closure.

'There are six bus-stops affected by this, serving many remote dwellings along the Hearse Road.'

The spokesperson said a closure notice published in newspapers recently made 'no reference' to the imposition of a stop-and-go solution between 8pm and 10pm on evenings where there is a closure.

This, they said, emerged only through representations from local councillors, and added that the effect of such a measure would be to 'compound the difficulties already arising from the closure itself.'

A bus service provider affected by the proposed closure on Hearse Road was contacted 'out of courtesy', the spokesperson for the community council said, to advise the provider of these works 'in case they needed time to plan accordingly.'

The community council said it was 'dismayed' to learn the company concerned was advised of these works 'about a month ago', while the local community was not afforded 'anywhere near the same level of prior notice, consultation, or simple courtesy.'

'There is no justification in or excusing of this style of approach in dealing with a whole community that will be badly affected by a prolonged set of works like these', the spokesperson concluded.

Fingal Independent