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Chamber to host meeting on retail crime


Maurice O'Halloran

Maurice O'Halloran

Maurice O'Halloran

Balbriggan Chamber is to hold a public Retail Crime Prevention Talk with gardai next month on the issue of retail crime in the town, to raise awareness of risks facing local businesses and offer advice on crime prevention.

Balbriggan Chamber CEO Maurice O'Halloran reports that, although incidents of retail crime remain particularly low in Balbriggan, the meeting will seek to address any concerns of businesses and offer advice on precautionary measures that may be taken in tackling the problem.

Speaking of next month's meeting, Mr O'Halloran explains: 'I'm waiting for confirmation on who will be there at the meeting, but the Area Garda Crime Prevention Officer will be there, and I'm expecting the local inspector and superintendent and the community gardai to attend.

'It's just to keep it on the agenda, and there's a lot of events coming up this year - there's the Patrick's Day festival, the Summerfest and then the Sack of Balbriggan and all that.

'So it's just to keep people conscious that there will be big crowds in the town and to take daily precautions around their premises and all that kind of thing.'

He says: 'A lot of businesses are very security conscious, they have plenty of staff on the ground to keep an eye on things. Between ourselves and An Garda Síochána, we collected about 80 questionnaires in the town.'

Speaking on the results of those surveys, he says: 'I haven't seen all the comments in detail, but there's nothing in it to suggest there's an issue.

'You get the occasional low level of theft but nothing of huge significance that I'm aware of anyway, and I'd be in contact with gardai regularly and they're not telling me otherwise.'

Balbriggan Chamber is now hoping to set up a retail business watch in the town, which they hope will be highly effective in combatting any incidents of retail crime.

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