Thursday 23 May 2019

Castle and the Casino works

The Casino in Malahide
The Casino in Malahide

John Manning at Malahide/Howth area meeting

The council has updated local councillors on works going on at Malahide Castle and the progression of the Malahide Casino refurbishment project.

The council told members of the Malahide/Howth Area Committee that various conservation works are progressing at Malahide Castle.

Maclyn Ltd. has completed the replacement window works in conjunction with Conservation Letterfrack who provided temporary protection throughout the works. Blinds were installed to protect interiors from UV damage.

Tenders were received and the contract award is currently on hold pending resolution of a consent issue with the National Monument Services for the repair of metal windows and stonework to window surrounds at the castle.

Francis Haughey Construction Ltd. has recently completed lead recovering to the flat roofed area with minor repairs to adjoining roofs.

And on the main castle roof, ivy on external walls has been cut back facilitating maintenance on gutters.

Consultants are working on an investigative package of surveys and enabling works to facilitate application to the National Monuments Service for repairs and possible replacement of the main roof. An archaeologist has been appointed to coordinate the consent and record the works.

Meanwhile, across the road, the work on refurbishing Malahide Casino and making it the new home of the Fry Model Railway is underway.

The enabling works contract was completed in August by CTS Projects Ltd in respect of hoarding, site investigations, temporary roof protection, ivy cutback and clearance of old furniture.

A disability access certificate has recently been granted for the project.

A fire safety certificate application has been lodged and the decision is pending, according to the local authority.

The Architect's Department of Fingal County Council is currently working on tender submissions to allow the contract for the main construction works at the site to be placed in December 2017 with a completion date of December 2018.

Alongside that process, tenders were received for the design and construction of the Fry Model Railway exhibition and are being currently evaluated currently. The Casino will finally provide a permanent home for the Fry Model Railway which has been absent from Malahide since it was forced to leave Malahide Castle.

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