Monday 26 February 2018

Cameras to track new hospital build

Cameras will be watching construction traffic going to and from the site of the new National Forensic Mental Health Hospital in Portrane to ensure the massive construction project sticks to its commitments on truck movements.

The planning permission for the giant project which is underway at the St Ita's campus in Portrane places a number of restrictions on construction traffic to keep it away from certain parts of the peninsula, particularly schools, at specific times.

The site clearance and demolition works are complete on the site and construction is beginning in earnest on the massive public building project and local councillor, Cllr Adrian Henchy recently sought assurances that the restrictions placed on construction traffic were being closely monitored and if there is a CCTV camera operation in to help the council verify those conditions are being met.

In response to the councillor's concerns, Fingal County Council said that a Construction Traffic Management Plan agreed between the council and the contractor provides for CCTV monitoring of the construction phase of the project.

The council explained: 'The main contractor is required to comply with the provisions of the agreed Construction Traffic Management Plan. The installation of a CCTV monitoring system is included in the agreed construction Traffic Management Plan, for the main construction contract.'

The council revealed that CCTV cameras will be installed at two locations on the peninsula to monitor the construction phase of the giant building project.

The cameras will be installed at the commencement of the 50km speed limit on the west side of Donabate adjacent to the Kilcreagh junction and at the entrance to the construction access road at the junction with the R126 Portrane Road.'

The council concluded: 'The contractor is responsible for ensuring that construction traffic adheres to the agreed time restrictions and that records are kept to demonstrate that construction traffic is adhering to the agreed time restrictions.'

Fingal Independent

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