Wednesday 16 October 2019

By-election selection

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Ballot box

Ken Phelan and John Manning

With a Fingal by-election likely to take place in November following Clare Daly's May election to the European Parliament, the scramble is now on for parties to choose their candidates to represent Fingal in the Dáil.

Last week, the Fingal Independent reported that Senator Lorraine Clifford-Lee had been selected by Fianna Fáil to contest the by-election and now three other parties have named their candidates.

Senator James Reilly has been selected to run by Fine Gael and Cllr Duncan Smith will be the Labour candidate for the by-election while Cllr Joe O'Brien will stand for the Green Party.

In the run-up to likely but as yet unconfirmed November by-election, The Fingal Independent spoke to a number of councillors on their party's plans.

An important factor in the upcoming by-election will be whether Clare Daly endorses a candidate or puts one forward under her Independents4Change banner.

Cllr Dean Mulligan who represents Independents4Change on Fingal County Council following his election back in May, explained how the party is still in the process of selecting a candidate.

He told the Fingal Independent: 'We haven't had a proper discussion on it, we're still trying to get our feet on the ground in our various positions, so we know that's it's coming but we're due to have a meeting about it in the coming weeks.

'There's been a lot of discussion outside of our group, but we haven't discussed it as yet.'

He added: 'We haven't sat down as a group, because Clare and various others aren't in Ireland at present, so we haven't had a chance to sit down and scribble.'

He concluded: 'There's quite a few of us involved, so we haven't had a chance to have a chat, but we will in the coming weeks and hopefully, and we'll come to some sort of agreement.'

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