Monday 24 June 2019

Bring €3bn Metro down Main Street

Calls have been made to reroute MetroLink down Main Street.
Calls have been made to reroute MetroLink down Main Street.

John Manning

Fingal County Council want Metrolink to be re-routed down the Main Street of Swords instead of bypassing the town on the old Airport Road (R132).

In the council's submission to the Transport Infrastructure Ireland (TII) consultation process on the proposed MetroLink route is has proposed that the Metro go straight through the heart of Swords and down its Main Street.

The council argued that should the TII reject that proposal and continue with its plans to bypass the town, down the R132, then that should be done at surface level and not rise on stilts at the estuary, as is currently proposed.

The council has also proposed an additional station be placed at the extensive land-bank around Lissenhall which is being targeted as the main area for Swords' future growth. In addition, the council has proposed the so-called Estuary Station should be relocated south of Lissenhall Bridge to 'serve the very large catchment area which will emerge from the development of Local Area Plans and Masterplans and will provide the vision for these strategically important lands'.

Fingal County Council's Director of Planning and Strategic Infrastructure, AnnMarie Farrelly, said: 'Fingal County Council supports the development of the MetroLink project and very much welcomes the opportunity to engage with Transport Infrastructure Ireland and the National Transport Authority to ensure that the final design is the optimal alignment for MetroLink within Fingal.

'Project Ireland 2040 makes clear the future development strategy for Swords and Fingal is as a sustainable Metropolitan urban extension of Dublin, in the context of the Metrolink and the economic functional unit of Swords-Dublin Airport.

'Our submission is set against Project Ireland 2040's ambitious set of goals, the National Strategic Outcomes, and focuses on the five areas required to deliver strong and dynamic growth in an efficient and integrated way and allow us to leverage the potential of Swords and Fingal in accordance with Project Ireland 2040.'

She said: 'Fingal County Council believes that making Swords' Main Street as part of the MetroLink route will facilitate the optimal regeneration and development of the town into the future.'

The council's Director of Planning and Strategic Infrastructure said: 'We are confident of the significant benefits that MetroLink will bring to Fingal and the wider Dublin region and look forward to working with all stakeholders to deliver this key piece of transport infrastructure.'

Fingal County Council has already designated land along the MetroLink route as the Metro Economic Corridor.

The purpose of this zoning, according to the council, is to facilitate opportunities for high density mixed use employment generating activity and commercial development, and support the provision of an appropriate quantum of residential development within the Metro Economic Corridor.

Fingal County Council Chief Executive, Paul Reid, said: 'Fingal will be transformed by the arrival of MetroLink which will have wide-ranging positive implications for the county and, in particular Swords. We have laid the foundations with the creation of the Metro Economic Corridor and our submission reflects the changes we believe will greatly enhance this vital project.'

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