Wednesday 19 June 2019

Brea's book is a dream come true!

Brave nine-year-old girl has wish granted as she becomes the youngest ever author to have book published by Eason

Nicola Donnelly

A brave nine-year-old girl from Garristown has just published her first book - making her the youngest ever author to launch a book at Eason.

Brea Mullarkey, from Garristown is in remission from acute myeloid leukaemia, and recently had her wish to become an author come true by Make-A-Wish Foundation.

In partnership with Eason, Gill Publishing printed 200 copies of Brea's adventure novel which tells the story of three children living on Achill Island and the adventures that await when they visit the forbidden beach caves.

The daughter of Elaine and Tommy, Brea was assisted in writing her book by children's author Catherine Doyle and well-known illustrator Fatti Burke.

Brea said: 'I have two younger brothers who love stories, especially adventure stories.

'Every night I sit in their room and tell them a story until they fall asleep.

'Then I sneak back to my own room and enjoy the peace and quiet until I fall asleep too.'

Brea said: 'I wrote 'Lost & Found' for my brothers.

'I am dedicating my book to staff and support teams at Crumlin Hospital as well as my own bone marrow donor as well as all the selfless bone marrow donors who save lives every day.'

Brea's Mum, Elaine, said: 'Brea has had some tough times with her illness but the journey she has been on to make this wish happen has just been wonderful.

'Brea has always shown an interest in books and writing. It is truly amazing that she can now touch and feel her very own book that she created and is now published.

'I cannot tell you the value of this wish to Brea and the whole family.'

Susan O'Dwyer, CEO of Make-A-Wish Ireland said: 'This was a unique wish and we are honoured to have made Brea's one true wish a reality.

'Creating a partnership with Eason to make this happen has been great.

'To see the joy and happiness on Brea's face when she first held the print version of her book has made it all so worthwhile.'

John Keane, General Manager, Eason O'Connell Street, said: 'To see Brea's face when she saw the final print version of the book…that's enough, thank you.

'To see the smile on her face, it's absolutely amazing, 100 percent.

'We are honoured to launch her book in Eason O'Connell Street.'

Proceeds from the sale of the book on the night of the book launch will be shared between Crumlin Children's Hospital and Make-A-Wish, and with all future proceeds going to Crumlin Hospital, which was part of Brea's wish.

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