Saturday 21 April 2018

Bracken ETNS awarded the 'Yellow Flag'

Pupils from Bracken Educate Together School with their Yellow Flag
Pupils from Bracken Educate Together School with their Yellow Flag

A fifth class pupil from Bracken Educate Together School in Balbriggan has spoken eloquently about how her school tackles racism and bullying at the awarding of a 'yellow flag' for the school.

Some four out of ten children surveyed in the yellow flag school diversity programme have said they have experienced racism and the programme is designed to tackle that worrying problem by awarding a flag to schools who meet specific targets in creating an environment that fosters diversity and equality.

Bracken Educate Together has become one of those schools, proud to fly a yellow flag and two Maria Lewandowska, from fifth class in the school explained what the flag means to her: 'I think that the Yellow Flag is about equality. Our school learned about different ways of life. We learned a lot about so many wonderful nationalities and cultures so that we can take away misunderstandings. To gain understanding we had an intercultural day where we showed different clothes, foods and traditional dances. This is what yellow flag means to me.'

Teacher at the school, Rosemarie Stynes, said: 'To me the yellow flag symbolises the acknowledgment and respect given to the huge diversity in our school. We have worked together as a school and whole community to bring everyone together with a common focus.

'We have celebrated our difference and our similarities. We have shared our knowledge and most importantly, we have recognized areas where we can improve on so that we are constantly moving forwards together.'

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