Wednesday 23 January 2019

Big changes for commuters in new bus plans

The National Transport Authority (NTA) has published its Dublin Area Bus Network Redesign Public Consultation report which is set to bring major changes for Fingal commuters taking the bus to the city.

The BusConnects report makes far-reaching proposals that the NTA says 'will bring about improved services for bus passengers in the Dublin metropolitan area and will provide for a more integrated public transport system'.

Under the proposals, the level of bus service overall will increase by 27% but Fingal commuters are learning that will not the case across the board.

There are 11 brand-new orbital routes that will operate on a 15-minute frequency or better, in the north, south and west of the network area.

According to the NTA, the number of people living within 400m of a bus service that operates every 10 minutes or better, will increase by 35% from 480,000 to 650,000. The number of people living within 400m of a bus service that operates every 15 minutes or better, will increase by 31% from 765,000 to almost 1,000,000.

A process of consultation on the report will formally get under way on July 16 and continue for nine weeks until September 16.

As part of the consultation process, Dublin Bus and NTA will conduct a series of information events across the region. Feedback will be invited from members of the public and other stakeholders.

NTA Chief Executive Anne Graham said: 'Redrawing the bus network in Dublin has been a priority for the NTA and was a key element of the overall BusConnects programme that we announced last year.

'The current system of bus routes and services in Dublin is complex, with about 130 different bus routes forming the network. Currently the network is radially focused, with most routes emanating outwards from the City Centre. Orbital bus services - routes that skirt the city - are few and far between. As a result, many bus journeys can only be made by firstly traveling into the city centre on one radial route, and then taking another radial bus service out.

'We believe that a system with greater scope for interconnection between routes, and where connecting passengers don't necessarily have to travel to the city centre, is one that would be far more attractive and convenient.'

Dublin Bus CEO Ray Coyne said: 'BusConnects will deliver over 200 million customer journeys per year which will be of significant benefit to the city.'

Fingal Independent