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Balrothery residents protest against houses


RESIDENTS or Rosepark estate in Balrothery are concerned that the last hope for a playground or recreational space for their children is to disappear if plans to build ten new social housing units on a nearby site, go ahead.

The council wants to build ten new housing units on a site in the area but residents have always believed that the site was earmarked for a playground.

They took to the streets last week in protest against the proposals to build new houses there and dozens of children joined them, appealing to Fingal County Council to keep the site for a recreational or community facility.

Treasurer of the Rosepark Residents' Association, Nicola Bolger grew up in Balrothery and has raised her own family there and says for decades, the need for more community and recreational facilities in the area has been ignored.

'Basically, the protest was about trying to make an awareness of the fact that here are no facilities in the village and this is the one last suitable spot left to make a safe place for children to play,' Nicola told the Fingal Independent.

Nicola said she moved into Ringfort on 'day one' and residents then were told the space now targeted for development was to be set aside for a children's playground.

With children of her own, aged seven and three, this fight is personal for Nicola and many of the young families who moved into the estate on the promise that facilities would follow.

About 90 residents and children of the estate gathered for the protest last week in a bid to make their voices heard by the council.

The Rosepark Residents Association is also drafting a formal application to the plans to build ten houses on the site, which it intends to submit to Fingal County Council soon.

The controversial plan to construct ten social housing units in the area has caused a lot of local concern and Balrothery Community Council has hosted a public meeting on the issue.

The community council is concerned that the village is already overdeveloped and further development cannot be justified until infrastructure and community facilities catch up with the level of development in Balrothery.