Sunday 17 December 2017

Balbriggan has youngest population in the State

More investment needed in education and childcare in light of new census figures

Senator Lorraine Clifford Lee
Senator Lorraine Clifford Lee

John Manning

Balbriggan has the youngest population of any large town in Ireland, prompting calls for more investment in areas like childcare and education for the town.

Balbriggan has the youngest population in the country at an average of 30.8 years, while Malahide has one of the oldest at an average age of 38.6. Fingal is also the youngest administrative county in Ireland with the average age of 34.3.

Reacting to the figures, Senator Lorraine Clifford Lee (FF) called for more investment in education, childcare and transport for Balbriggan and across Fingal.

Senator Clifford Lee said: 'This data is nothing new to those of us living in North Dublin, but it does re-emphasise the critical need for the Government to invest in important projects in education, childcare and transport to keep up with the a growing, younger population.'

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