Tuesday 22 January 2019

Balbriggan beach swim warning

Balbriggan beach
Balbriggan beach

A temporary 'Do Not Swim' notice has been issued for Balbriggan Beach due to an overflow at Quay Street Pumping Station, Balbriggan, which occurred as a result of the heavy rain that fell over the weekend.

The Prohibition Notice is precautionary pending the outcome of laboratory analysis on bathing water samples which are scheduled this week. If the results are clear then it is hoped that the Beach can re-open for bathing.

Bathing water samples are taken fortnightly at Balbriggan Beach during the summer bathing season and the water is usually at 'Excellent'standard.

Balbriggan Beach remains open but beach users are asked to respect the 'Do Not Swim' notice as it has been put in place to ensure that the health of bathers is not compromised. Members of the public intending to enter the water at any beach in Ireland are advised to check the water quality in advance by accessing the EPA website at

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