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Amendments proposed by council officials to Dublin Airport area plan


Proposed amendments to The Fingal Development Plan as identified under the upcoming Dublin Airport Local Area Plan (LAP), are set to have a positive impact on aircraft noise regulation in areas surrounding Dublin Airport, according to Fingal County Council's executive who briefed councillors on the document recently.

Work on the new LAP has identified a need to include a 'variation' within the Fingal Development Plan with regard to 'noise contours' and rural housing policy, as applied to certain areas within 'inner noise zones.'

The proposed change to the Fingal Development Plan includes: updating of the plan to reflect amendments to legislation and guidance on 'noise impact'; amending the noise zones serving Dublin Airport; information on noise assessment to be submitted with all planning applications; an update on rural settlement policy affecting farming and rural communities in proximity to Dublin Airport.

A council official stated that while Fingal County Council analysis determined that 'significant improvements' were made in relation to noise impact on communities, existing noise zones had not been updated since 2005, which the proposed amendment would seek to address.

The Dublin Airport LAP would ensure, councillors heard, that impacts on neighbouring communities of the airport were 'carefully considered and planned' in the context of future development.

The council heard that it was 'beholden' on Fingal County Council as noise regulator, and 'in the interest of best practice' to amend the existing noise zones to ensure that 'land use management can continue to function' to protect both the airport and residents.

A 2018 Noise Action Plan analysis had found that between 2006 and 2016, existing policy was working 'as originally envisaged, with 'almost no increase in night-time noise' and only 'a very small increase in day-time exposure.'

Cllr Darragh Butler (FF), responding to the presentation said he was 'concerned' for residents in St Margaret's 'particularly', and asked if the amendment to the Fingal Development Plan would impact on daa provisions for residents.

Asking if public information sessions would be set up with regard to the LAP and the Fingal Development Plan, Cllr Butler said: 'I think we need to err more on their (the residents) requirements and their needs.'

Cllr Adrian Henchy (FF) said the issue of noise regulation was one that 'needs to be looked at', and made reference to the Donabate Portrane peninsula, where 'you can be awoken at 5.30am' by certain flights.

It was 'far noisier' in recent years, he said.

A Dublin Airport LAP is required under the current Fingal Development Plan, with a draft LAP and proposed changes to the Fingal Development Plan to go on public display in August 2019.

Both the draft LAP and the proposed changes to the development plan will then go forward for adoption in November and December 2019.

Public information sessions will take place from mid-August.