Monday 11 December 2017

'All the students put in a lot of hard work and it has paid off'

Niamh Duffy and Jill Kane at Loreto Swords
Niamh Duffy and Jill Kane at Loreto Swords

THE 118 Leaving Certificate students at Loreto Swords arrived early to collect their all important results. Many appeared at the doors of the school at 10 a.m. full of nervousness, excitement and anticipation before the brown envelopes were handed out.

According to principal Peter McNamara, over ten per cent of the students received over 500 points with one student, Caroline Gaul, receiving six As.

'All of the students put in tremendous hard work and this hard work has paid off,' said Mr McNamara. 'A huge credit goes to each and every student and the dedicated team of staff we have here.'

He praised the work put in by the school's Chaplin Betty Cronin, Career Guidance Counsellor Patricia Kennedy and Special Needs Coordinator Maura Owens.

'I am so proud of all of the students,' he continued, adding that the numbers taking Honours Maths has continued to increase, with 36 per cent of the students taking the subject this year, with a 100 per cent success rate, earning each of the students an extra 25 points.

He said the students thanked Vice-Principal Michael Behan for his guidance and wished him the best for his future as he moves to take up the position of principal at St. Paul's school in Raheny after 26 years at Loreto Swords.

Top achiever Caroline Gaul said she was 'shocked and delighted' with her six As and wasn't expecting the result she got.

'I can't believe it,' she said, adding that she should have enough points to take up her first choice course of Pharmacy.

Jill Kane, who received 405 points, said she was so happy with her results and that she definitely should have enough points to take up Film/TV Production while Niamh Duffy was thanking God it's all over.

'It was an emotional struggle but thank God its over. I am really happy with my results and Psychology is one of the courses I want to do so hopefully I will get that course,' said Niamh.

While Laura Cummins said she 'cried with happiness' when she received her results.

'I passed everything so I am so happy,' said Laura, who wants to study Childcare at Whitehall.

Ciara O'Neill, Lydia Dempsey and Ashling Cody were also thrilled with their results as they all achieved over 500 points each while Shauna McEntee was delighted that she received 455 points which should enable her to take up her course choice of Business at DCU.

And Carol Kenny, who was looking to get 380 points but received 390 said she was thrilled.

'I want to do Enterprise Computing in DCU which was 380 points last year and I am delighted I got 390 so hopefully I will get my course,' said Carol, adding that she is relieved its all over now.

'I want to wish each and every student the best of luck with their college offers and the other places students are going too and wish them every success in their futures,' said Mr McNamara.

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