Tuesday 21 May 2019

'Advanced negotiation' on primary care centre

Deputy Alan Farrell.
Deputy Alan Farrell.

John Manning

After a number of false dawns over the last decade, the HSE has revealed it is in 'advanced negotiations' with a provider to finally deliver a primary care centre for Swords.

Previous attempts to establish a Primary Care Centre for Swords on sites in Airside and Bridge Street have fallen by the wayside for a variety of reasons over the last decade and while the HSE are not revealing what site is intended for this latest attempt, it has delivered a positive report on its progress to a local TD.

Fine Gael TD for Dublin Fingal, Alan Farrell said: 'Having called for urgent investment in our healthcare services in Swords to cater for growing local community, and provide local residents with the services they both require and deserve, I am pleased with confirmation from the HSE that efforts to deliver a primary care centre for Swords are ongoing.

'As the local Fine Gael TD in Dublin Fingal, I have also tabled parliamentary questions on the provision of enhanced healthcare facilities for Swords, particularly with regard to primary care.'

In response to a parliamentary question from the local TD, the HSE stated it was 'currently in advanced negotiations with a provider selected to deliver a Primary Care Centre in Swords through the HSE's Operational Lease Mechanism'.

Reacting to the news, Deputy Farrell said: 'The provision of a primary care facility in Swords would provide local residents with the necessary health care supports in our community, meaning that they would not have to journey to hospital with health issues which could adequately be treated by primary care.

'With the population growth of Swords in recent years, and the projected growth into the future, health services must be delivered for the community now. Previous governments have failed in providing Swords with the services members of the local community need. The HSE must act now to provide Swords with the healthcare infrastructure needed to serve both Swords and its surrounding areas.

'I am pleased with the response I have received from the HSE that the delivery of a primary care centre for Swords in on the cards.'

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