Wednesday 24 January 2018

Accused found with cannabis


A MAN who pleaded guilty to being in possession of €1,400 worth of cannabis herb for sale and supply and to feed his own habit faces imprisonment if he does not co-operate with the Probation and Welfare Service.

Patrick Clarke (19), St Cronan's Avenue, Swords was remanded on bail for eight weeks at Swords Court last week for a Probation and Welfare report. Clarke's home was searched under warrant by Garda Brian Reidy on December 10th 2011 who found the cannabis herb, split up into packages of €50 each, concealed in stereo speakers. Clarke was not at home at the time of the search but he voluntarily presented himself to Garda Reily on December 17th 2011 and he was then arrested. Fiona Brennan, solicitor for Clarke, said that there was a ' huge level of naivety and stupidity' on behalf of her client in this incident as he had undertaken to sell the drugs to both pay for his own drug use and to try and pay off his debts. Ms Brennan said that Clarke, who is the father of a nine-anda-half month old baby, now realises how dangerous this was and has significantly cut back on his use of cannabis. Judge Dermot Dempsey asked what steps the defedant has taken to deal with his drug problem. Ms Brennan responded that Clarke has been 'reasonably successful' in cutting back on his drug use but will require more assistance. Remanding the case for a report to Swords Court on November 26th, Judge Dempsey warned Clarke that he ' had better co-operate with the Probation and Welfare Service' or he will be sent to prison.

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