Sunday 20 January 2019

85 donors attend Rush clinic

Some 85 donors attended the recent mobile clinic in Rush.

Held at St Maur's GAA Club, the Irish Blood Transfusion Service (IBTS) would like to thank all those who turned out.

A breakdown of the total figures show that 10 first-time donors and three former donors attended the clinic.

A special thank you was exended to local voluntary organiser Trish Walls for her help and support prior to and during the holding of the clinic.

Thanks was also extended to Gerry Foley from St. Maur's G.A.A. Centre who facilitated the clinic.

About 70,000 patients are transfused with blood each year in 67 Irish Hospitals. To do this we must collect approximately 3,000 donations of blood each and every week from voluntary donors like you. A total of 5,714 units alone were required in Beaumont Hospital, Dublin during 2017.

Finally on behalf of all the patients in hospital who benefit from your generosity, the IBTS extended a heartfelt thank you.

Fingal Independent