Thursday 13 December 2018

1,000 homes are rid of pyrite while more wait

Pryite repair work has been completed on 1,000 homes in Fingal.
Pryite repair work has been completed on 1,000 homes in Fingal.

John Manning

The Government's Pyrite Remediation Scheme has now repaired 1,000 homes across the country infected by the wall-cracking disease and two-thirds of those homes are in Fingal.

That is according to Fine Gael TD for Dublin Fingal, Alan Farrell, who has welcomed confirmation that the number of homes remediated under the Pyrite Remediation Scheme has passed 1,000, with 666 of these completed homes being in Fingal.

Deputy Farrell said: 'I am pleased to receive confirmation from my colleague, Minister Damien English that the number of homes where remediation works have been completed, under the Pyrite Remediation Scheme, stands at 1003. Of these 1,003 homes, 666 are in the Fingal Local Authority Area.'

He explained: 'Since the Pyrite Remediation Scheme opened, it has received a total of 2,029 applications for remediation. Of these, remediation works on 1,003 of these homes have been finished, 215 are currently under remediation, 74 are at tender or tender analysis stage, and 300 are now at the remedial works planning stage.

'It is certainly positive that the number of completed homes has surpassed 1,000, however, many homeowners are still living in pyrite affected homes, and where they are eligible for remediation, I believe these works must take place urgently.'

The Fine Gael TD, whose own property was affected by pyrite, said: 'In this regard, Fine Gael in Government allocated €30 million under Budget 2018 to provide for the remediation of a further 430 pyrite affected homes this year.

'While this is positive, many homeowners in the North County are living in homes which have a category 1 rating under the Pyrite Remediation Scheme and, as such, are not eligible for remediation at this time.

'This is a matter which I will continue to work on as the local Fine Gael TD in Dublin Fingal.'

Deputy Farrell concluded: 'Having experienced the impact of pyrite first-hand in my family home, I appreciate how stressful the presence of pyrite can be for homeowners, and how significant the process of remediation can be.

'Providing support to all pyrite affected homeowners must be a matter of priority, and we must work to provide support to every individual and family impacted by pyrite regardless of whether their houses are category 1 or category 2.'

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